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Treasures of the Caravan - 2022

Welcome to our annual student show.  Every year, our students work on new material to present to friend and family.  We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to do what we love (dance) and to be able to come together and present this show.  Thank you and enjoy the show! 


Set 1


Al Shaki  (Hussain Aljassmi) -  Khaleegy is a mixture of modern style and traditional folkloric dance from the Persian Gulf countries of IraqSaudi ArabiaKuwaitOmanBahrainQatar and the United Arab Emirates. The name of the dance means "gulf" in Arabic and it is performed by women at weddings and other social events.  Dancers: Cathy, Laura, Krista and Wynn


Agmal Haga (Cairo Nights) - Raqs Sharqi (Dance of the Orient) - The style is often considered the classical style of belly dance and today covers a much wider range of Middle Eastern dance as well as Western styles developed from them. Dancers will be accompany with finger cymbals (Zil - Turkish / Sagat - Egyptian).  Dancers: Crystal, Kara, Lisa, Lori, Maria and Michele


James -  Princess of Cairo (Hamouda Ali) -  Raqs Sharqi - This excerpt of two songs from a longer set, “Princess of Cairo”, was choreographed by 17-year-old Suhaila Salimpour in an homage to a film that Egyptian dancer Nagwa Fouad created in the 1960s. The music is performed by Hamouda Ali. James studies belly dance under Maria Palacia here at Alegría and under Suhaila Salimpour at the Salimpour School in Berkeley, California.  He is also a ballet student with Nyna Dalbec and has a history of hula hoop dancing around Columbia.


Valerie - The song tells the sad, romantic story of Uku the volcano and how he wishes to find a mate." Lava director James Ford Murphy wrote the song, and played ukulele on the recording. Choreography by Valerie Hostos.

Tiny Coven  - Bone Dance - Tiny Coven is a dance company based in Columbia under the direction of Ashley Bennett. 


Maria - Ma Yhemmak (Yara) - Maria will be performing a improv veil piece with Lebanese influence.


Crystal -  You Say (Lauren Daigle) - This song to me is about the contrast between the things you tell yourself in your own mind versus the things that others see in you and reconciling the two. Finally finding the truth inside yourself that others always knew was there. I dedicate this piece to Danny and the rest of my support system. A fan veil solo choreographed by Crystal Colligan under the guidance of Maria Palacio.


Inti Malakeh - Lebanese style Raqs Sharqi with veils and zils.  This style of Raqs Sharqi is inspired by the style of Lebanese dancers.  Lebanese Oriental is different from its cousin, Egyptian Oriental. The basic moves are the same but the styling, musical interpretation, and folkloric traditions developed separately. Western dance elements, Debke/dabka (folkloric line dance of the Levantine region), upward hip articulations, glut accents, and Khaleeji influences (Arabian Gulf) are characteristic of Lebanese style, including the larger use of space and faster music.  Dancers: Alethea, Judi, Krista, Mindy, Valerie


Acapella Zills - Zills or zils, from Turkish zil ‘cymbals', also called finger cymbals, are small metallic cymbals used in belly dancing and similar performances.  They are called sāgāt in Egypt. Zils have been used by bellydance for many years to accompany live orchestras or recorded music but what happens when none of those are available. Dancers: Laura, Maria

Krista Haidle (Contemporary ) To all those struggling and fighting a mostly inward battle, may you find the strength and courage to “Rise Up”. To all the victims to suicide and the family and friends who fall victim to it as well, may we all find peace and comfort in one another. Performance Dedicated to Ellie Suicide hotline number : 800 273 8255

Otzi - Our world is a melting pot and so is this performances.  Mixing bellydance with a flair of a Spanish skirt to Neo-Medieval music.  This fast pace song is sure to get you tapping your foot.  Dancers: Bob, Crystal, Kara, Lisa, Lori, Michele, Mindy and Sara


Set 2


Mirala Cara a Cara (Requiebros)- Sevillanas are a type of folk music and dance of Sevilla and its region. They were derived from the Seguidilla, an old Castilian folk music and dance genre. In the nineteenth century they were influenced by Flamenco. They have a relatively limited musical pattern but are rich in lyrics based on country life, country towns, neighborhoods, pilgrimage, and love themes.  Sevillanas can be heard mainly in fairs and festivals, including the famous Seville Fair (Feria de abril de Sevilla). Dancers: Kara, Krista, Laura, Maria


No Me Toques Las Palmas (Maria Isabel) - Rumba as applied to the flamenco style stems from its use in Cuba to refer to Cuban rumba (originally, "rumba" meant "party"). Within flamenco circles, the genre is simply called "rumba", and other terms have been used to distinguish it from Cuban rumba, including rumba gitana and Spanish rumba. Dancers: Alyssa, Emma, Mackenzie


Quiereme (El Barrio) - Maria will be performing a Rumba solo.


Bailame (Gypsy Kings) - Dancers will be coming back to perform another Rumba with skirts. Dancers: Alyssa, Emma, Mackenzie


Tierra (DJ Click) - ATS (American Tribal Style Bellydance) with Manton is a new fusion of modern bellydance with Flamenco influences.  The Manton is a traditional prop in flamenco and we are incorporating it with bellydance.  ATS is not traditional flamenco but instead a fusion of modern fusion bellydance and flamenco.  Dancers: Coleene, Crystal, Kara, Laura, Liyun, Mindy, Norma, Sharon and Valerie

Set 3


Bloody Bones (Beats Antique) - A fun comedic fusion bellydance performance about the life of a performer.  Dancers: Alethea, Ashleigh, Judi, Mindy, Valerie


Tiny Coven (Majstore Majstore by Junk Parlor)


Committing Love (Lynz, Kemo, Kate Whitmarsh, Mika Doo) - Tribal Fusion Bellydance is a modern Western form of belly dance that was created by fusing American Tribal Style belly dance and American Cabaret belly dance. Artists frequently incorporate elements from PoppingHip Hop, 'Egyptian' or 'Cabaret' belly dance, as well as movement principles from traditional forms such as FlamencoKathakOdissi, and other folkloric and classical dance styles. Dancers: Cathy, Krista, Laura, Maria, Mindy and Wynn


Alethea - The Dawn (Sami Yusuf) - Alethea is performing a fusion bellydance improvisational piece to The Dawn.


Fools Rhythm (Two Fingers) - This modern fusion dance style is a style created by famed tribal fusion dancer Rachel Brice.  Her influences include ATS (American Tribal Style) Bellydance and early fusion styles by Jill Parker.  This style can be dance as a group improv or choreography.  Dancers: Coleene, Marsha, Sharon


Abracadabra (ICHI) - Based on Datura vocabulary, this performance is a modern fusion style of bellydance with influences in pop and locking and slow controlled movement.  What happens when a Pandora box is opened? Dancers: Crystal, Judi,  Laura, Maria, Mindy and Norma


The Allure (Beats Antique) - A modern fusion choreography with influences in ATS, Datura and Tribal Fusion.  Dancers: Jennifer and Marsha


Tiny Coven - Grand Bizarre (Beats Antique)  


Jakhana Jakhana, Milosc, Jokoriste Czarno (Dikanda) - American Tribal Style is a modern fusion group improv style dance worldwide.  It’s influences include bellydance, flamenco and Indian.  This dance style was created in the 80’s in San Francisco and has become a world wide phenomenon.  Dancers: Alethea, Crystal, Coleene, Judi, Krista, Laura, Liyun, Mindy, Norma, Sharon, Wynn, Valerie.

Alegria Dance Studio Performers

Alithia Sims - Level III Bellydance, Level III ATS

Alyssa Sims - Flamenco (Kids)

Ashleigh Rivers -  Level II Bellydance

Cathy Romeo Lomastro - Level II Bellydance

Coleene Gothard - Level II ATS, Level I Datura

Crystal Colligan - Level II Bellydance, Level III ATS, Level II Datura, ATS Manton

Emma Rimer - Flamenco (Kids)

Hou-Yin Chang - Level II Bellydance

Jennifer Huffstetler Fuller - Level II Bellydance

Judi Berry -  Level II Bellydance, Level III ATS, Level II Datura

James Carpenter - Level III ATS, Level III Bellydance

Kara Kennedy - Level II Bellydance, Flamenco, Manton ATS

Krista Haidle - Level III Bellydance, Level II ATS, Flamenco, Contemporary Dance Instructor 

Laura Labuda - Level II Bellydance, Level III ATS, Datura, Flamenco, ATS Manton

Lisa Browning Wrightenberry - Level II Bellydance 

Liyun Zhang - Level II ATS, ATS Manton

Lori Tindal Norris - Level II Bellydance

Mackenzie Mallicot - Flamenco (Kids)

Marsha Harris - Level II Bellydance, Datura I

Michele Nichols - Level II Bellydance

Mindy Rimer - Level III Bellydance, Level III ATS, Datura

Norma Simoneau Bourne - Level II Datura, Level II ATS  

Sara Lackey - Level II Bellydance

Sharon Collings Licata - Level I Datura, Level II ATS

Valerie Hostos - Level III Bellydance, Level III ATS, Flamenco, ATS Manton, Hula Instructor 

Wynn Dupkoski - Level II Bellydance, Level III ATS 

Guest Performers

Tiny Coven

Special Thanks

Cesar Palacio - Photography / Videography

Sally Evans - Backstage Manager

Chris Cheatham - Sound / Lights 

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