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Rent our newly renovated 3000 sq. ft. venue for your next event, art performance, dance workshop or low key event.  This venue is not adequate for weddings or parties.  

Low Key Event - Rental Space (4 Hour) -  This is for shows, baby showers, low key events.  $600/ Per Event.  $75 each additional hour if it's set up before the event.  If you extend during the event, $100 each additional hour.  This rate includes an additional hour to set up before the start of event.  We don't allow set ups the day before or hours before the event starts.  

No liquor allowed. No events pass to 7PM.   


Dance Class Rental - $35 / Per Hour 

Dance Workshops - Varies (please contact us for more info)

All rentals require a $100 damages refundable deposit, on top of the deposit to reserve the stop, for any incidentals.  It will be refunded one week after rental once everything has been cleared.  

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