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Alegria Dance Studio Fundraiser

Welcome to our fundraiser show.  We are grateful that you have taken time from your busy schedule to come to our show and helps us raise funds to upgrade our AC.  We have an absolutely amazing show for you tonight.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope you enjoy the show! 


Set 1


Drum Solo - (Isis and the Wings of Isis & Dr. Samy Farag) A drum solo is always a staple to any bellydancers' repertoire.  Its high energy paced rhythms will get you taping your feet and moving your hips.  Enjoy the interactions between the dancers and they perform this fun drum solo.  Dancers: Krista and Laura.  

Otzi (Prima Nocta) - Our world is a melting pot and so is this performance.  Mixing bellydance with a flair of a Spanish skirt to Neo-Medieval music, this fast paced song is sure to get you tapping your foot.  Dancers: Crystal, Kara, Mindy and Maria 

James - Gamil Gamal (Farid Al-Atrash) -   James studies belly dance under Maria Palacia here at Alegría and under Suhaila Salimpour at the Salimpour School in Berkeley, California. He is also a ballet student with Nyna Dalbec. Piece: “Gamil Gamal”, variously translated as “Such Beauty” or “Beautiful Dancer”, was written by Farid Al-Atrash for the 1952 Egyptian film “Immortal Song”, in which Al-Atrash starred. This instrumental version is performed by the Samy Nossair orchestra.

Maria - Messages from Her (Sabrina Claudio) Maria will be performing an improv fusion bellydance piece combining bellydance and lyrical dance with fan veils.  


Inti Malakeh - Lebanese style Raqs Sharqi with veils and zils.  This style of Raqs Sharqi is inspired by the style of Lebanese dancers.  Lebanese Oriental is different from its cousin, Egyptian Oriental. The basic moves are the same but the styling, musical interpretation, and folkloric traditions developed separately. Western dance elements, Debke/dabka (folkloric line dance of the Levantine region), upward hip articulations, glut accents, and Khaleeji influences (Arabian Gulf) are characteristic of Lebanese style, including the larger use of space and faster music.  Dancers:  Krista, Mindy, Valerie.

Isis Wings - Kids Bellydance Class - Loyal, Brave and True (Christina Aguilera) -Kids bellydancers will be performing with Isis Wings to Mulan's Loyal, Brave and True.  Dancers: Ashlynn and Mackenzie with support from mom Wynn and teacher Maria.  

Marry Well (ZZ Ward)   - "Marry Well" is a contemporary piece that is fused with jazz inspiration. This is the first time Algeria Dance Studio is performing a group contemporary piece and the first contemporary piece to perform for nearly all the dancers! Dancers: James, Krista, Laura, Michele, Mindy



Set 2




Tierra (DJ Click) - ATS (American Tribal Style Bellydance) with Manton is a new fusion of modern bellydance with Flamenco influences.  The Manton is a traditional prop in flamenco and we are incorporating it with bellydance.  ATS is not traditional flamenco but instead a fusion of modern fusion bellydance and flamenco.  Dancers: Crystal, Kara, Maria, Mindy and Valerie

Krista - Grandmothersphere (East Forest) -  This solo is performed by Krista Haidle and expresses the simple yet highly difficult task that we as humans have, which is to trust that our highest power placed us here to live out our fullest potential; by letting go of our attachments and judgement of ourselves and replace them with love we can be in alignment with our authentic self and the Devine!

On Stage Productions - Little Shop Of Horror  -  Matt Wright, Dallasandra Kim, Alana Wilson, and Des Anderson will present two numbers from their upcoming show .  Music played by John Norris.  

Acapella Zills - Zills or zils, from Turkish zil, ‘cymbals', also called finger cymbals, are small metallic cymbals used in belly dancing and similar performances.  They are called sāgāt in Egypt. Zils have been used by bellydance for many years to accompany live orchestras or recorded music but what happens when none of those are available. Dancers: Laura, Maria

Flamenco Kids - Baila Me (Gypsy Kings) -  The kids flamenco students will be performing a fun skirt choreography to "Baila Me" by the Gypsy Kings.  Dancers: Ashleynn, Mackenzie 

Hula - He Aloha Mele (Tia Carrere) - Alegria Studio Beginning Hula Class (students Lisa “Kamea Okalani” Cribbs, Ivette “ Napua  Nohealani” Pagan, Ashley “ Hokulani Mai Ke Kula” Wingard  and instructor Valerie “Walelia Kapuakaimi” Hostos) Will perform a Hula Auana to the song "He Aloha Mele", which was written by the late Iva Kinimaka as a lullaby for his daughter. This version is sung by Hawaiian actress/singer Tia Carrere

Maria - I Wanna Dance  (Artem Uzunov) Maria will be performing a dynamic and fun drum solo featuring a duet between a drum and vocals.   

Jokoriste Czarno (Dikanda) - American Tribal Style is a modern fusion group improv style dance worldwide.  Its influences include bellydance, flamenco and Indian.  This dance style was created in the 80’s in San Francisco and has become a world wide phenomenon.  Dancers: Crystal, James, Krista, Laura, Mindy, Wynn, Valerie.

Alegria Dance Studio Performers

Ashley Wingard - Level II Bellydance, Hula

Ashlynn Mallicot - Flamenco / Bellydance (Kids)

Crystal Colligan - Level II Bellydance, Level III ATS, Level II Datura, ATS Manton

Ivette Pagan - Flamenco, Hula

James Carpenter - Level III ATS, Level III Bellydance

Kara Kennedy - Level II Bellydance, Flamenco, Manton ATS

Krista Haidle - Level III Bellydance, Level II ATS, Flamenco, Contemporary Dance Instructor 

Laura Labuda - Level II Bellydance, Level III ATS, Datura

Lisa Hess- Cribb - Level II Bellydance, Hula 

Mackenzie Mallicot - Flamenco / Bellydance (Kids)

Michele Nichols - Level II Bellydance

Mindy Rimer - Level III Bellydance, Level III ATS, Datura

Valerie Hostos - Level III Bellydance, Level III ATS, Flamenco, ATS Manton, Hula Instructor 

Wynn Dupkoski - Level II Bellydance, Level III ATS 

Guest Performers

On Stage Productions 

Columbia Community Drummers Collective

Dell Goodrich

Katie Godfrey

Special Thanks

Cesar Palacio - Photography / Videography

Heather O'Neal Adams - Backstage Manager

Chris Cheatham - Lights 

Ara Mckinney - Bookman  - Sound

Silent Auction Donations 

Rasa Whole Self Health 

Alegria Creations

Lisa Cribb

Ashley Wingard 

The Purple Chair 

Samar Mouawad Harik 

James Carpenter 

Alithia Sims 

Sara Lackey 

3 Rays of Light LLC


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